Farm house activities

The farm extends around the accommodation for 5 hectares of land planted with vineyards, olive groves, family vegetable garden and some fruit trees.


Between the end of September and the first week of October, the main activity of "La Villetta" is the grape-harvest.
During the days preceding the grape-harvest, the barrels are carefully washed, then put out to dry.
A basket and a pair of scissors can be given the guests who want to relive this traditional harvest, which ends with a grape pressing and the must fermentation, together with the owners.
The wine is in this way produced in the family's winery and you can enjoy it with your meals in the holiday farm or during your relax time in Tuscany.


In November, the olive-harvest is rigorously made by hand during demanding work-weeks.
Anybody can "live" this age-long ritual, which has the glamour of an activity carried out according to ancient traditions (from a careful net spreading to the positioning of the wooden ladders).
The picked olives are put into baskets and later taken to the village oil press to be pressed.
The produced oil has strong smell and rich colour, it optimizes the taste of the courses prepared in "La Villetta" farm.
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