Tourist itinerary in Tuscany: Grosseto and the Maremma

Route map: Daily journey of about 145 km in car or bus (summer months only) leaving Lucignano 

Departure and arrival: "Podere La Villetta" Tuscan Farm house with children's playground

For the lovers of the sea, we suggest a Tuscan tourist itinerary using "Podere La Villetta" as a point of departure and arrival. Daily itinerary that can be made by car in the direction of Siena-Grosseto, on the other hand in motorcycle, we suggest the exciting route to Montalcino-Grosseto. During the summer period, the bus leaves Lucignano on early morning basis and arrives in several places near the sea including Castiglion of Pescaia. Expected return in the evening.

The variegated forms of the landscape diverge into the ribbons of the hinterland, which relinquish the passage, near the coast, to the area of the cleanliness, where sun umbrellas and beautiful natural reserves have replaced the swamps in the 1900s. Sites of an unpolluted nature and a clear and clean sea and still today centers of art, make the landscape of strong colors in a context that can reconcile, in perfect balance, nature and culture.

Castiglion of Pescaia is a singular cocktail of old and modern: The historic center on a peak promontory and the new part at sea, where bars and restaurants, renowned beaches, high-level tourist equipment and clean sea are crushed.

Along the road returning to, the striking stop at the Abbey of San Galgano, among the most valuable Italian Gothic-arthritis buildings, which stands out from the isolation of the countryside, is strongly recommend. Of extraordinary awesomeness is the vision of the skeleton of the church, devoid of coverage, which gives the great structure a romantic, deserted aspect. The abbey, destined to become one of the most powerful in the Middle Ages in the Siena area, was built at the end of the 12 th century, built in French forms, and fell unfinished and fell into ruins already in the 15 th century. It was deconsecrated in 1789. Apart from the perimeter walls, they remain part of the monastery and the crown. Galgano Guidotti's primitive small church, a perfect circular plant, keeps a modest importance of the Montesiepi's. Ambrogio Lorenzetti's frescoes are very emaciated, but the "sword in the rock" remains in its place, where the saint would have put it in the rock to worship the Elsa as a crucifix.

Having also been fascinated by the Tuscan Sea, a good night stay at the "Podere La Villetta", Tuscan farm house, which also offers an excellent Tuscan kitchen, which is extremely distanced, will offer you a very pleasant evening conclusion thanks to the welcoming structure and the beautiful frame of the surrounding countryside.
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