Tourist itinerary in Tuscany: Rediscover the Valdarno region

Route map: daily tourist journey of about 95 km 

Departure and arrival: " Podere la Villetta” Tuscan farm house with children's playground

There is no land in Tuscany, which presents the variety of landscapes and the diversity of vocations of that composite universe that historically shapes the native of Arezzo. The "Podere La Villetta" farm house can be used as a starting and arrival point for the rediscovery of the Valdarno, a territory between Arezzo and Florence, along the upper course of the Arno. The "cult" characteristics, for having given birth to Masaccio, are accompanied by an ancient productive vocation, which has brought wealth and at the same time has fueled centuries of contention between Arezzo and Florence.

Leaving Arezzo along the main route running in the valley between olive groves and colonial houses, we are heading towards Bucine and the small villages of Galatrona, Cennina and Badia to Ruoti who gravitate in the Ambra valley, once a link between Siena and Valdarno.

After a short story in Terranova Bracciolini followed San Giovanni Valdarno, famous village for giving birth in 1401 to Thomas di ser Giovanni, said Masaccio. In the square names after the painter, rises the Basilica of S. Maria delle Grazie. Left in San Giovanni Valdarno by continuing along the main route in north direction, we enter the province of Florence with Figline Valdarno and Incisa Valdarno. By running along the Arno in the north, we find the Leccio, a small renowned center in Tuscany, mainly for the concentration of outlet of the largest Italian fashion signatures. Right in front of the modern gate center, the enormous and picturesque Castle of Sammezzano is erected in romantic 1800s forms of particular eclectics, the last act of a series of constructions dating back even to the era of Carlo Magno (which, according to the tradition here, stayed).

After another day of art, in a fairy tale landscape, it is possible to continue with Pontassieve and Florence, or to go down the road towards Incisa Valdarno, and to go to the A 1 highway towards Rome to return to the "Podere La Villetta", Tuscan Farm house, which provides a good kitchen accompanied always by A good service and a welcoming structure. A very pleasant evening conclusion thanks to hospitality, the magnificent frame of the Tuscan countryside and nature.
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