Touristic itinerary in Tuscany: Arezzo’s churches and Valtiberina Valley

Route map: daily tourist journey of about 88 km 

Departure and arrival: " Podere la Villetta Toscano "with children's playground

Using the "Podere La Villetta" farm house, as a starting point, you can immerse yourself in a territory of churches, small and intense medieval jewelry. The short stretch in Tuscany land of the Tevere plows, a land indelibly marked by the sublime presence of Piero del Francesca and immortalized in many of his backgrounds.

The most eastern corner of Tuscany, which sprawls between Romagna, Marche and Umbria, is solicited by the very young Tevere, swing in Emilian territory from Mount Fumaiolo, and immediately enters the province of Arezzo, crossing it into the beautiful basin of Upper Valtiberina. The Tiberine region, dominated by Sansepolcro, presents the morphological features of the High Appennino and the characteristics of a border area by vocation: It is far from the "Tuscany of the cities", while closeness to Romagna, Montefeltro and Umbria has given you over time styles, traditions and flavors of undoubted "eccentricity". The area is universally known for giving birth to two artistic geniuses in the Renaissance: Piero del Francesca and Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The route uses the 73 Senese Aretina from Arezzo with a short diversion in Monterchi, whose fame is entrusted to the famous Madonna del Parto della Francesca. The opera represents the Virgin in an unusual way with the pregnant belly: A tribute from Piero to the mother, native of Monterchi.

He follows Anghiari from the steep alleys and squares in the historic center and adds to the tiberine countryside, to which the inhabited is projected through large and arid landscape. The 1300 road links Anghiari and Sansepolcro, and strongly marks the countryside with its extensive and airy landscapes. The main stage of the visit to Sansepolcro is the 1300 Palace Pretorio, now Civil Museum where the masterpieces that Piero del Francesca have left in his birth land. The master of Sansepolcro lived not far from the main square, in the elegant Renaissance Palace placed behind the church of St Francis.

Adapting to the course of the Tevere goes back to Pieve Santo Stefano, with a detour at Caprese Michelangelo.

After a day of art, we recommend a tranquil return to the "Podere La Villetta" Tuscan Farm house, which offers a very pleasant evening: A traditional kitchen based on local dishes sprayed with their delicious olive oil, which exalts their flavors.
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